Inspired Night Out Makeup Look W/ Bold Red Lipstick

Inspired Night Out Makeup Look W/ Bold Red Lipstick

Hey Lovelies!!

I have not posted in a white and I wanted to do something really quick! Funny thing, I was starting on my makeup and said ” let me turn this into a video.” Lol, It feels diffident postings it on my YouTube, a lot of my subscribers are not longer active. In a since I’m starting from scratch. Which is okay, because I enjoy posted when I can.

Here is the video! I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

Products used:

@revlon foundation 

@kissproducts brow pencil

@milanicosmetics lipstick

@wetnwildbeauty highlighter and contour 

@maybelline fit me powder


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Makeup Tutorial: How to cover stubborn acne marks

Makeup Tutorial: How to cover stubborn acne marks


First I have to tell you guys, my son hot something on my laptop while I was editing and the captions will show backwards, I do apologize, everything I used will be down below:







Urban Decay AllNighter Liquid Foundation
Loreal infallible pro matte foundation
Loreal infallible concealer
Wet N Wild Contour Kit
Anastasia Beverly hills Glow Kit

Classic 10 neutral eye shadow pallet
ELF liquid eyeliner

Eye Brows
Drug store brow kit

Toofaced Liquid Matte Lipstick

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Snow Day, What to do?!?😜

Snow Day, What to do?!?😜

Why does everything have to shut down?!?!?

It all started this morning, when a couple of snow flurries started to fall, and I knew I would be closing my office. From experience and the panic on the roads, I was sure accidents started to happen, I contacted my staff with the options that were presented to myself, and received an unanimous decision of  “We would like to stay home.”

I continued to get myself together, I needed to stop by the office and put our “Due to inclement weather” sign on the door. I submitted some invoices that were to be due today, and when I was done, I headed back home.

            (a glimpse of my back yard 01/2018)


When I arrived home, I was thinking of doing a YouTube video, but my little ones wanted to finish watching “Small Soldiers,” they win all the time lol. I was able to do a couple of Snapchat pictures (if your on Snapchat follow me @N.Rose🌹). 

(I love this filter, what I would look like with a nose clip and black lipstick)😘


The snow has stopped at the moment, and I’m writting my plans out for tomorrow work day, with hopes to be able to go, the weather man is predicting ice, and with that I would definitely stay home for another day🌹🙌🙌.


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How to: Protective Style for Natural Hair

How to: Protective Style for Natural Hair

Hey guys so I did a video and wanted to share it on my YouTube channel for those who would like to know what my night time routine is for my natural hair. When I straighten my hair I don’t like to apply heat to it after the one initial time. So I like to wrap my hair at night to maintain the style as well as protect it from any damage.




Simple Christmas Makeup Look & Braidout on Natural Hair W/ Nalia Rose

Simple Christmas Makeup Look & Braidout on Natural Hair W/ Nalia Rose

Hello Fellow Vloggers.. Bloggers and Youtubers😙


I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas we are now going into the new year and I wanted to share this really quick simple makeup look that I did on Christmas Day!

I hope you guys like it and don’t forget this video a big thumbs up also check out some of my other videos if you haven’t already!

Products Used:
L’oreal Infallible Conceal
L’oreal Infallible Matte
Urban Decay: All Nighter
Mac Studio Fix Powder Shade 45
WetNWild Contour Kit
Anastasia Glow Pallete

Eye Brows:
Revlon Brow Kit

Drugstore Eye Shadow Pallete
Milani Cream Eye Liner

Drugstore Matte Lipstick





How to Do An Eye Wing W/ Nalia Rose

How to Do An Eye Wing W/ Nalia Rose

As I was going out today,  I decided to film a quick how to video.  It took me a while to learn how to wing my eyes, with out over doing it,  or becoming crooked,  and the most common mistake one wing being higher than the other,  All these mistakes I’ve made and now I’m comfortable to show others with practice you can too slay the eye wing or the “Cat Eye.”


1. Choose your product… pencil liner… cream or liquid liner

2. Pull the skin at the base of your eye gentle but effectively to get the slant you want.

3. Start off with a slow precise stroke towards your ear.

4. From the middle of the line you’ve created, make a V and line your eye.

5. Go through a second time to ensure complete coverage.

6. Optional: make the line towards your ear longer if you like.



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Simple Makeup Look For Any Occasion🌷🌷

Simple Makeup Look For Any Occasion🌷🌷

Happy Hump Day!!

I have uploaded a new video titled:








🌷L’oreal infallible concealer

🌷L’oreal infallible pro matt foundation

🌷Urban Decay: All Nighter   Shade 8.0 (used for highlight)

🌷M.A.C Studio Fix Power (Contour)

🌷Drugstore Lashes

🌷Too Faced Matte Lipstick

🌷Wet N Wild Eye Liner

🌷Wet N Wild Creme Liner

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The Small Youtubers Tag❤


Happy Sunday!







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