7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty 💋


Happy Sunday!!!!!

I had a few confessions about a couple of products I have used and currently using!!! To check them out! Watch my latest video and I dare you to confess your sins as well lol!!!

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Simple Makeup Look For Any Occasion🌷🌷

Simple Makeup Look For Any Occasion🌷🌷

Happy Hump Day!!

I have uploaded a new video titled:








🌷L’oreal infallible concealer

🌷L’oreal infallible pro matt foundation

🌷Urban Decay: All Nighter   Shade 8.0 (used for highlight)

🌷M.A.C Studio Fix Power (Contour)

🌷Drugstore Lashes

🌷Too Faced Matte Lipstick

🌷Wet N Wild Eye Liner

🌷Wet N Wild Creme Liner

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The Small Youtubers Tag❤


Happy Sunday!







🌷If you watched this video!
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🌷 You can make a video or blog! Here are the questions:
1. What inspired you to start making videos?

2. How long have you been on youtube, and have you had other channels?

3. Where do you see yourself (& your youtube channel) in the next 5 years?

4. What message are you trying to get across with your videos?

5. Do people from school find your channel?

6. What does your username mean?

7. Favorite “small” YouTubers?

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Prestige Mamis Co is Now Open for Business!

Prestige Mamis Co is Now Open for Business!

It’s nothing like doing something that not only makes you proud, but shows others that anything is possible.

  I have been working so hard in the background to ensure my relaunch would provide my customers with more a variety and fashion styles. 

 There is so much to starting your own business and ensuring its success.  I’ve did research,  I spoke with other business owners to see what consumers are more drawn too.  When I first launched my business,  it was a great experiences and I received a variety of feedback that broadened what I wanted to do the second time around.

  Prestige Mamis Co. is now  live @ http://www.prestigemamisco.com! Check it out.. do some shopping.. and stay connected by subscribing!!
Thank you all for the overwhelming support!! 

Valentines Day Makeup Collaboration With MsEry Vue❤️

Valentines Day Makeup Collaboration With MsEry Vue❤️

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers! 

  Are you all ready for Valentines Day or nah?!?❤️

   I am super happy to blog about my recent collab! Those who have been following me since 2015, the name MsEry  Vue would sound familiar, I had the opportunity to interview her at the beginning of her journey. 

  Over the course of the years we have kept in touch through our social media and YouTube. I absolutely admire her, her makeup looks, her personality and she’s also a mom and wife!

    I decided to reach out to her to see if she would like to do a collaboration video with me and thankfully she was happy to oblige.😀

  A bit about our collab, we decided to do two different looks. She decided to do a soft and romantic Valentine’s Day look and she decided to do it, and I quote,

“I just did a soft look to where everyone can do it if they wanted to and for those who don’t wear dramatic makeup they will be more  comfortable  wearing that kind of makeup look hopefully.” -MsEry Vue

   I decided to do the opposite, I did a dramatic red look with of course .. yes you know with a red lip! 💋💋lol

Here are our makeup looks and if you would like to see how we created these looks and what products we used check out our Valentines Day Makeup Videos the links will be down below!

MsEry Vue video link ⬇️

My Video Link⬇️

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Get Ready With Me: Blue Eye Makeup Look

Get Ready With Me: Blue Eye Makeup Look

Live right now on my YouTube channel! Decided to go outside of my normal colors and add some Blue with a nice bold red lip! Check it out and don’t forget to like and subscribe ❤️❤️😘


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Can I live with out…. False Lashes!?!?

Can I live with out…. False Lashes!?!?

Ladiessss what is one thing you can’t go without?  

For me it would be false lashes, I have became so accustomed to wearing them on a daily basis and adding new ones to my collection. 

Until I took a long look at my natural lashes and saw how scarce they are. Where did they go?…. what did I do? … the cause? Very simple the lash glue or me improperly taking them off, could be one of the two or just both. 

I decided to say that I was just going to stop wearing them so often(lol) and to further commit myself, I made a pledge to myself on no other than my Facebook page (lol). 

Today is the first day of me not wearing them and I feel bare, but a very nice Facebook friend was able to relate and also give me helpful tips. To not only help my lashes but I’ve decided to grow out my eyebrows as well! 
Here’s the tips she gave me:

1. A mixture of coconut, vitamin E and Castro oil before bed

2. Vaseline on the go! 
She said she’s been seeing results and she doesn’t wear lashes no more than 3 days out of the week. Fingers crossed I will see the same.
Is anyone else going through this please share your story!! 
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Wednesday Fun-day💋

Wednesday Fun-day💋

Happy Tuesday everyone! I had a bit of free time this morning before heading to work, so I stopped by one of my favorite walking paths and had some fun, enjoying nature. At times the world seems so serious.. I am here to say that there should always be time to just enjoy yourself, Be your truth even when nobody’s around.  I dare you to be you!!

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Watch “Collective Haul |2017| Rue 21|Mac Selena|Bath and Body Works” on YouTube


Hey guys happy Sunday so the other day I went out shopping and I just wanted to do a quick haut video just showing you guys some of the things that I picked up I hope you enjoy this video and if this is your first time watching my Channel or following my blog don’t forget to subscribe and like the video for more and I hope everyone is enjoying their new year so far and everyone have blessed day!!!
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